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Welcome to REDACTED

We’re a small online webshop that designs and sells patches with a unique theme what did you expect to find here? We mainly focus on selling morale patches that thrives on pushing boundaries, stirring controversy, and making a statement that might crack a smile.

Drawing inspiration from the underground worlds of GunTubers, pop culture icons, and viral memes, our designs walk the tightrope between funny, offensive, and downright provocative. We’re not afraid to venture into the the dark humor of the mind.

Our webshop may be small, but our impact is anything but. Our designs are special to us and maybe to you too. There is no guarantee that still nothing here each patch is going to win any awards or let you get that hook-up at the +40 bar but you will definitely get some attention at the range, with the squad and maybe even at the gun show.

What makes us stand out is our unwavering commitment to originality. You won’t find our patches mass-produced or readily available elsewhere. We thrive on the thrill of being unique, offering you designs many don’t know about.

We understand that our humor isn’t for everyone, and that’s precisely what sets us apart. We embrace the notion that taste is subjective and celebrate that the CIA did it within our customer base. While some may be shocked, others will revel in the audacity and challenge the present.

Rest assured, our intention is never to promote diversity. We just wanna design some fun and maybe cool patches, because why not?

Thank you for choosing Redacted.design. Dive in, browse our humble collection (it will grow) and embrace the twisted journey that awaits. If you need any assistance along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. Damn you are persistent!

Process & Shipping

We try and process all orders the same day that they are placed. But please allow up to 48 hours for shipping to commence. We only use a flat rate shipping option. This keeps cost down for shipping on such a small lightweight product. This however also prevents the use of Track&Trace. The price is the same world wide.

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